Bee News Flash: Research News
BeeGene News:
  • Oct, 2006. Secrets revealed in sequencing of honey bee genome
  • Oct, 2006. Honey bee chemoreceptors found for smell and taste
  • Oct, 2006. Out of Africa: scientists uncover history of honey bee
  • Oct, 2006. Scientists identify 36 genes, 100 neuropeptids in bee brains
  • Oct, 2006. Michigan State researcher traces the evolution of honey bee gender
  • Jan, 2004. Honey bee gene assembled
  • Jan, 2003. BeeGene being sequenced
  • May, 2002. NHGRI prioritizes organisms to sequence

    Other News
    1. Queen bees shown to pass viruses to their offspring [Science Daily]
    2. Research upsetting some notions about honey bees [Science Daily]
    3. Healing honey: the sweet evidence revealed [Science Daily]
    4. New bee pheromone discovered [Science Magazine] [Science News]
    5. Espionage may have driven the evolution of bee dance language
    6. Busy Bees: Computer Vision System Automates Analysis of Bee Activity for Insight into Biologically Inspired Robot Design
    7. Honey bee behavior and gene expression highly linked
    8. The gene for sex determination found in bees
    9. BeeGene being sequenced | Bee gene sequence underway at Baylor
    10. UCR entomologists report bee-dancing brings more food to honeybee colonies
    11. Fruit fly genes play role in honey bees
    12. Small hive beetle mimics bee behavior to get food
    13. How do bees walk on glass upside down?
    14. Propolis can fight cavity in you teeth
    15. New device to kill varroa mites invented by MSU scientist"
    16. Bees brighter than we knew, study finds they pass cognitive tests usually given apes, people
    17. Eating Honey is Good for Your Tummy! New Discovery by Scientists from Michigan State University
    18. New Approach To Ensuring Unadulterated Honey Pot
    19. Biological Clock Gene In Bees Found To Have Another Function
    20. "Pathfinder" Bees Use OpticalOdometers, Suggesting Microsurveillance Technologies, Science Author Says
    21. Bees Wearing Reflectors Help Scientists Track Insects' Training Flights
    22. New Hope For Declining U.S. Honeybee Population
    23. Chemical helps honeybees tell who's friend or foe
    24. When Is A Pollinator Not A Pollinator?
    25. The Ultimate Sting: Bees The Buzz In Landmine Detection
    26. Bees -- Latest Weapon In Cancer Fight
    27. Beyond Jurassic Park -- Real Science With Ancient DNA
    28. Dark Honey Has More Illness-Fighting Agents Than Light Honey
    29. 'Mean genes' found in Africanized honey bees
    30. Apiculture Research Will Save Honeybee and Pollination Industries
    31. Africanized Honey Bees Head West For Food
    32. Study Sheds Light on Behavior of Middle-Age 'Undertaker' Bees

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