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Prof. Zachary Huang measuring brood cell volume of the Asian hive bee (Apis cerana) using a syringe. Zachary obtained his Ph.D. (1988) with Dr. Gard Otis at University of Guelph, Canada. Zachary works on honey bee and varroa mite biology. His best known work is the "social inhibition" model for explaining how workers inside a colony "know" when to become foragers. With his collaborators, he was the first one successfully to accomplish the following in acarines (mites): characterization of neurotransmitter receptors (1990) and cloning and sequencing of a sodium channel gene (2002) . Yunnan, China. April 2002, photo by Guangmin Zhang.

Zach has many web pages:

Dept profile <a href="http://www.msu.edu/~bees">www.msu.edu/~bees</a>

Bee Lab <a href="http://bees.msu.edu">bees.msu.edu</a>

Extension <a href="http://cyberbee.msu.edu">cyberbee.msu.edu</a>

Invention: <a href="http://www.mitezapper.com">www.mitezapper.com</a>

Bee Photos <a href="http://photo.bees.net">photo.bees.net</a>

Bug eating <a href="http://eat.bees.net">eat.bees.net</a>


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