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We use Drummond wiretrol capillary tubes. Each 100 tubes come with one plunger (with the white handle). The tubes are marked for 1-5 microliters. However, because we bake all glassware that come into contact with hemolymph or JH, the marks do not stay. We use a ruler to measure the length of blood in millimeters instead. Make sure you know 5 microliters = how many millimeters. In this case, 5 ul = 27 mm, so we know later how convert mm back to ul (1 ul = 5.4 mm).

All glassware that come into contact with bee blood are baked (capillary tubes, sampling tubes, and two sizes of culture tubes during RIA) at high temperature to remove any possible chemicals. We use a house hold oven that has "self cleaning" function to do this. Self Cleaning usually gets the temperature around 500 °C (932 °F), this basically burns anything to CO2 and leaves minerals behind. So residual hormones, oil and soap are all gone! Best way to clean glassware for demanding chemical work.


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