Beekeeping Info

  1. For Beginners
  2. Equipment
  3. Fall management
  4. Bees and Honey

Diseases and Pests

  1. Africanized Bees
  2. Disease Chart
  3. Varroa and Virus
  4. Varroa Control
  5. Tracheal Mite
  6. Beekeeping and the Tracheal mite
  7. Diseases and Pests (Dr. M.T. Sanford)
    1. Brood Diseases
    2. Adult Bee Diseases
    3. Pests and Predators


  1. The Pollination Scene
  2. A Pollination Story

Bee Courses (Regular University Courses)

  1. Apiculture and Pollination by Dr. Zachary Y. Huang
  2. Bees and Beekeeping by Dr. K. Visscher
  3. Bee Biology, Culture, and Management by Dr. Keith S. Delaplane
  4. Biology of Honey Bees by Dr. O.R. "Chip" Taylor
  5. Fundamentals of Be ekeeping by Dr. W.S. Sheppard
  6. Honey Bee Biology by Dr. W.S. Sheppard

Beekeeping Short Courses (Open to Public)

These courses are annual events. Even if the links below are outdated (e.g. now it is June and the course was held in March), chances are that the same courses will be given around the same time next year. Contact the persons on the links to find out.
  1. Master Beekeeper Program, Cornell University
  2. Michigan State University
  3. University of Minnesota
  4. University of Illinois

Bee Journals and Magazines

  1. American Bee Journal
  2. Asian Bee Journal
  3. Apicultural Abstracts
  4. Apidology
  5. Bee Culture
  6. Bee World
  7. Journal of Apicultural Research

Online Publications

  1. APIS by Dr. Tom Sanford
  2. Apicultural Newsletters by Dr. Eric Mussen
  3. B-Plus by Dr. Roger Hoopin garner
  4. Bee Tidings by Dr. Marian Ellis